Peter Wilson

Peter is a recently retired businessman whose working life has been in manufacturing industry. He graduated with a 2.i in Managerial and Administrative Studies from Aston University and rose from being a Supervisor on the production lines at the Ford Motor Company in 1981 to become Chief Executive Officer of Moores Furniture Group between 2005 and 2010, via both Purchasing and Manufacturing Directorships. The turnover at that time was £60 Million with 1200 employees and Peter had to ensure that the company complied with all European standards as well as financial and legal obligations. Since then, Peter has been a self-employed consultant, delivering inspirational leadership training to business leaders (usually CEO/ Owner level) with a company called 2 Inspire and has spent the last four years changing the culture of a company in Jarrow, near Newcastle upon Tyne from an authoritarian ‘Command and Control’ organisation to an inclusive, team based, and empowered one.

Peter is a qualified Pensions Trustee having studied for and gained the Pensions Management Institute Award in Pensions Trusteeship – Level 3. This consisted of a residential course and examinations in three modules: 1. Legal Aspects of Trusts and Trusteeships, 2. Financial/ Investment Aspects of Trusts and Trusteeships, 3. Trust Management, including Rules, Responsibilities etc.  He is married with two children who were both educated at Harrogate and Leeds before going on to Sheffield and Leeds Carnegie universities and becoming a dentist and teacher respectively.