Vision and Aims

Our vision

Is to create outstanding education within our academies to enable every young person to realise their full potential. We provide the best possible education in a fun and enjoyable learning environment. We have school improvement at the heart, and employ and deploy the best staff in the places where they are needed. Academies retain their local community identity, and operate within an agreed framework of delegation, working as an effective collegiate body. By utilising local and collective strengths we achieve the best outcomes for our young people and employees.
We do this by working in partnership with parents and other organisations that can positively contribute to our vision, and in keeping with our values of trust, openness and service.

Provide the best possible education

All children within our communities have a right to the same high standard of inclusive education. We are committed to nurturing an ethos that secures the very best outcomes for all our young people so that they are successful in the future and make a positive contribution to the communities they serve.

Collegiate and partnership working, utilising local strengths & identity

We are a trust of diverse schools including both community and church-based, primary and secondary that exist within a shared vision to provide the very highest standards of education. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for providing the best education, and although the academies in the STAR Multi Academy Trust are all within a short driving distance, each has different needs, has different challenges in improving academic outcomes, and has its own unique identity. We uphold and value this identity, celebrating and nurturing similarities and differences of individual ethos and values. We firmly believe that effective education needs to be focused on a true understanding of the community that the school serves, and the community of the school itself.

School improvement at the heart

We maintain highly successful academies where self-help, self-determination and self-improvement is encouraged. We have strong quality assurance systems with the setting of personalised improvement targets, monitoring of real time data, formative and diagnostic assessment, curriculum impact analysis, effective intervention programmes and internal reviews, and expect active participation in school improvement initiatives from all our staff and member schools.

The best staff in the places where they are needed

We utilise collective strengths to positively impact upon our provision. We strive to develop leadership at all levels. By creating positive learning environments we enable all staff to flourish and develop professionally.

Securing the best outcomes

We work in partnership with the Church of England, other schools, educational institutions and private providers and local County Councils to ensure that we provide an outstanding education from pre-school to post-16.

Fun & enjoyment

We celebrate the uniqueness of all pupils and through outstanding pastoral care, academic challenge and inspirational teaching we ensure all children and young people participate fully and enjoy their education.

Achieving best value

We utilise innovative approaches to providing services and developing economies of scale to the benefit of all children and staff.