Our Strategic Plan 2023/24

We are proud to be one organisation 

This is our Trust, we all have ownership of it and share a collective responsibility for all of our schools


As a Trust we are built on a COLLEGIATE foundation, in part because we originated as a Teaching School Alliance. Within STAR everyone has clear roles and responsibilities working towards shared vision and values but much that we do, we achieve through collaboration, co-design and collective endeavour.

This is what makes STAR a special COMMUNITY


Our Whole Trust Priorities 2023-2024

1.   Ensuring the highest standards of teaching and learning, curriculum and outcome. Further developing all aspects of curriculum teaching and learning to best outcome, focusing on writing implementation and impact. Ensuring all schools are challenged and supported through quality assurance and school improvement to continue to improve.

2.   Building on best practise to ensure we positively support our students’ personal growth and development.
Ensure that our Trust’s safeguarding culture is robust, compliant and ambitious.

3.   Articulating and implementing a Trust-wide vision and strategy for SEND.  Strive to develop an expertise and recognition for being a Trust that champions an inclusive vision where equality of support benefits all our children. Implement a set of Trust-wide principles for Disadvantaged Students

4.  Building our Trust community and infrastructure to further secure our aims. Ensuring all aspects of operations and finance support our schools towards the best possible outcomes for our young people. Ensure our People Strategy impacts positively on recruitment, retention, work environment and wellbeing.

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