Our Legacy, Vision and Values

Working together to help our children and staff reach their full potential

At The STAR Multi Academy Trust we are committed to creating a legacy as a regional centre of excellence in education.

Our students:

We are committed to the academic, personal and social development of our students.

Our mission is to inspire, nurture, and empower each individual within our Trust to broaden their horizons and aspire to reach their full potential, equipping them with the necessary skills and character to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We will support our students to achieve outstanding academic results, as well as to develop the essential skills of critical thinking, creativity, resilience, and empathy.

Through strong leadership and dedicated staff, as well as innovative teaching and learning, we will deliver an outstanding education that ignites a lifelong love for learning.

As responsible global citizens, we will encourage them to be environmentally conscious, socially responsible, and committed to making a positive impact on society, including within our own local communities. In this way, we will, over time drive forward aspiration and local prosperity.

Our colleagues:

For all of our colleagues our legacy will be as a local employer of choice. We will provide a culture which positively engages with every member of the team, allowing them to be their very best.

We are dedicated to sharing best practice, expertise, and resources across all of our schools, actively driving unity and shared purpose. By working together, we can create an environment where continuous improvement and evolution is embraced, and the collective wisdom of our educators leads to remarkable outcomes for our students.

We will foster a culture of collaboration, respect, and inclusivity, embracing diversity so that every member of our learning community feels valued, safe, and supported.

Across our schools we aim to achieve success and sustainability, with infrastructure, funding and support all aligned to achieve our evolving vision.


To be a thriving community of exceptional schools, united together by a shared commitment to inspiring every individual within the Trust to flourish and reach their full potential.



If your school shares our values and you are interested in joining the STAR Multi Academy Trust you can find additional information here: 

Our strength comes from being built and driven by our core vision, aims and principles - putting young people first

Our aims for young people

We will:

  • Ensure that our children achieve the best possible outcomes
  • Develop the whole child; personally, culturally and spiritually
  • Be inclusive; have a particular commitment to our most vulnerable children
  • Teach our children to live well together and to make wise choices
  • Ensure that our children are safe from harm
  • Work to ensure that our schools are enjoyable places for children to learn