Kellington World Book Day

Kellington Primary pupils showcased ‘It’s ok To Be Me’ artwork

The pupils at Kellington Primary School took a unique approach to celebrating World Book Day last week, with activities throughout the day taking place around the themes of diversity and individuality. 

Staff and Students at the Goole school were allowed to attend school dressed in their favourite outfits, and spent the day studying a range of books including ‘What I Like About Me’ by Allia Zobel Nolan, ‘All Are Welcome Here’ by Alexandra Penfold, and ‘William’s Doll’ by Charlotte Zolotow.

Covering topics such as respect and acceptance of each other’s differences, the children also took part in an art project using a range of materials including Playdough and newspaper cuttings in order to create a self-portrait.

Each class also created produced art work or put on a performance relating to the themes that they had studied – with the year 5 children choreographing a Flash Mob to the hit ‘This Is me’.

At the end of the day, the school opened its doors to welcome parents and carers to an event to showcase the artwork.

Commenting on the events and the success of World Book Day, Kelling Primary School Executive Headteacher, Mrs Melanie Lawrence, said: “We decided to focus on diversity as part of this year’s World Book Day, and so we chose texts that explained and championed all of the things that make us different as individuals.

“Each and every child at Kellington is unique, and it’s important to us that they celebrate that, as well as encourage them all to show support and acceptance towards one another.

“The day was a huge success and we really enjoyed welcoming parents, carers and members of our local community into the school at the end of the day for our art showcase.

“A huge thanks to everyone who came along to show their support.”